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About Us

Our Curriculum

The ‘Chempaka Way’: The method of teaching, as has always been in Chempaka, is informal and child-centered. It is through self-reliance and self-discipline that the child is embarked upon a voyage of self-discovery. The focus is to help children realise their full potential and draw out the best in each and every child. The aims of the school are to:

  • Encourage originality and initiative
  • Develop their latent talents
  • Help them be self-reliant
  • Expose them to modern methods of education
  • Impart sound moral values
  • Make them eco-conscious
  • Make learning a joyous adventure
It is not our aim to train children for admission tests, but to help them develop into morally, socially, mentally and physically healthy human beings.

Our Journey

Chempaka Kindergarten is a reputed and established pre-primary school in Trivandrum founded in 1984. Over the years an effective and friendly system has evolved at chempaka and it has grown in strength and has branched out with ten establishments all over Trivandrum. We limit the number to 20-22 per class, with a teacher and an assistant, so as to provide individual attention.

Our Vision

To encourage originality and initiative, develop their talents, help them to be self reliant, expose to modern methods of education, impart sound moral values, make them eco-friendly conscious, make learning a joyous adventure and to provide quality education.

Our Aim

To help children develop into morally, socially, mentally and physically healthy human beings.

Governing Body

  • Mr.Presanna Raj

    Managing Director
  • Mrs. Sasikala Raj

  • Mrs. Sheeja Nellai


Our Team

  • Mrs. Sheeja Nellai

  • Mrs. Viji Bhavendu

    Chief Co-ordinator
  • Ms. Maureen

    Curriculum Advisor

Our Headmistresses

  • Mrs.Sivakala Thampi

    Annexe 1
  • Mrs.Anne Mathen

    Annexe 2
  • Mrs.Beena Madhav

    Annexe 3
  • Mrs.Kamala Unnikrishnan

    Annexe 4
  • Mrs.Navya Davis

    Annexe 5
  • Mrs.Ranju Chandran

    Annexe 6
  • Mrs.Reji Unnikrishnan

    Annexe 7
  • Mrs.Linu Ajith

    Annexe 8
  • Mrs.Mini Chakkan

    Annexe 9
  • Mrs.Jilly Teresa

    Annexe 10
  • Mrs.Roshan Kylas

    Annexe 11
  • Ms.Sandhya

    Annexe 12