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Activities & Events


Apart from learning the sounds and meaning of words through music, the language in traditional songs and rhymes encourages children to explore the sounds of words.


All festivals are celebrated with immense pomp and pleasure as it is a good way of introducing to children the culture of our country. We teach them to grow with a secular concept ,respecting other religion, while rooted to one's own specificity. Onam, Navarathri, Diwali, Eid and Christmas are celebrated with the same vigour and happiness.

Learning Through Nature

When nature is the most important teacher Learning has value..
Outdoor play fosters children's intellectual, emotional, social and physical developments. Caring for pets raises the curiosity and empathy of children. Children get to observe the different types of living things and to be in close harmony with them as we have enhanced the learning atmosphere, with pets. This helps the children to learn about the difference in body parts between a bird and an animal their different food habits, the sounds they make and many other aspects of animal life.
Nature walk is not limited to plants and animals but also to climate. Children are allowed to experience rain, sunshine, wind and play in sand and rocks.


Dancing helps children build motor skills and the use of imagery enriches, their perception of the world and their ability to express their feelings.

Field Trips

Field trips are of great interest to our kids as they make a jolly ride and a merry break. Field trips give the kids a good start to obtain direct and visual information

Charity Drive

Chempaka always believe in sharing and caring... We have been fortunate enough to spend quality time with the inmates of Ananthanilayam, Asha Bhavan, Kripalayam, Sishuskshema Samithi and Santa Maria Convent. It was indeed moments of joy and gratitude to spread happiness and cheer to celebrate the season of joy. We inculcate the values of caring for the weak and the unfortunate, giving space for them in our thoughts and deed.


Children are exposed to a variety of interesting modes of yoga that includes the Garden Yoga, (which includes the butterfly and the frog) This build muscles, increases flexibility, develops balance and helps in concentration and to focus on the context.

Paithrikam Exhibition

“When culture and heritage are honoured and imbibed, learning becomes timeless.“ Our discerning parents contributed much and more in making Paithrikam 2019, a great success. Kerala Day was very special as we proved our heritage is priceless!

The Third Teacher

Observance and knowing, connect like an eye hand coordination. Pre-schoolers learn as they see, and the clarity add to their understanding, on a long and fixed mode. We spread the radiance of colours, a variety of fruits and vegetables, by a day in special, to enrich the need and necessity of the same, and thereby enhancing the curriculum. Wednesdays are special,as they spread a radiant ambience, mixed with colour, taste, smell and decking up oneself to match the topic of learning.

Annual Day

Chempaka Evening, the annual day is much awaited and performed the best way always. Every single child is brought to the limelight. They are just simply superb...

SPLASH-Kid’s Fest

There is nothing more beautiful than a children's smile... So we have got to blot their smiles ...
Splash - Kids' Fest was organized to provide a stage for our children to express their talents and boost up their confidence. Fancy dress, Folk Dance, Story telling, Light music, Action song etc. helped the children outpour their talents spontaneously. The folk dance drummed a lively and exciting feast, when our UKG children took us all to a mesmerising shore of Folklore. It was amazing to watch the little ones coordinating expression and dramatic perfection.


As part of our environmental and ecological approach, Chempaka has joined hands with C5 foundation under the leadership of Dr Vasuki, ex collector of Thiruvanathapuram. It's our join venture ,to see that city is well decked up, with beautiful gardens from neglected spots and corners. Our kids are given exposure, to be responsible and dutiful, in building up a clean, green and colourful environment.