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Our Curriculum

The curriculum takes into account the child’s holistic development. Through constant evaluation and innovation, Chempaka maintains a dynamic curriculum, responding to the needs of the individual child. Practical experience and learning through activity indoors and outdoors form an important part of life.Every child gets to exhibit his/her talent on stage on the Chempaka Day.
Our curriculum enables our children to embark upon a voyage of self discovery through self reliance and self discipline .The focus is to help children realise their full potential and draw out the best in each and every child.

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Parents SPeak

It's a home away from home for our child. It's not just the experienced faculties, quality education and opportunities we have witnessed here, but our child being taken care as their own family. Yes, for us chempaka is not only an educational institution, but a close knit family who understand, groom and bring the best out of every child.

Like any new parent we had some apprehensions about our son being away from home in a school environment for the first time. Yet the transition was absolutely seamless due to the genuine affection and care that his teachers and staff had for him. So when our second son was ready for school, we had no doubts about where to send him. Without any prompting from our side, the children show us what they have learned through their speeches, verbal and social skills. We are certain that their younger sister will follow in their footsteps when she is ready for school in a couple of years. Our children are flourishing, they’re happy and they look forward to going to school daily and that is enough for us to know that we made the right choice.

Chempaka kindergarten is home away from home for the lilttle toddlers..They have a stress free enviornment where children feel learning is fun.Thanks to all the wonderful teaching and non teaching staff for making each child feel special.

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